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Sims 4 cc bandages

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Создаю персонажа из "Hazbin Hotel" в симс 4! Пришлось помучиться с одеждой, но результат стоил того!Оригинальный. Also Read: 21 Sims 4 Injury CC: Scars, Bruises & Bandages. Spider wings (like Spider-Instant Man's Kill mode in Avengers: Endgame) and a "spider's mouth" (more akin to a Predator's) are included in the package. When put together, it's like a spider demon right out of hell.

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S-club Ll Ts4 Scars 01 This is a unique scar set that looks very manly and stunning. It's one of those scars that an antagonist wears to show off his brutal look. It has six varieties that can get used on the nose, cheek, lips, etc. Click here for S-club Ll Ts4 Scars 01 Face Scars N03 This set is gorgeous, considering how simple and vicious it is.

Sims 4 cc bandages

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The Sims Resource - Sims 4 - Bracelets - DarkNighTt - DS Apocalypse Design Wrist Bandana.

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