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Mercury venus conjunction in 12th house for libra ascendant

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Libra Rising and Venus in Leo. Your ruling planet, Venus, is in the warm, generous, whole-heartedly loving sign of Leo. You are a big romantic that loves to celebrate love, life, and beauty. You have a gift for performing, dramatic self-expression, creative arts, entertaining, putting on a show..

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Cancer Ascendant borns will have favourable time during Moon, Sun, Mars and Jupiter dasas. Mercury and Venus dasas will not be favorable. Saturn, Rahu and Ketu will give average results based on their positions. During favorable Jupiter dasa of 16 years, multiple gains from many sources will be seen. Will establish few organisations and develop. Apr 26, 2019 · How can Jupiter be in Libra in the 12th house and be exalted? 7th lord venus in the 12th house with Rahu is not so good. The co-lord of Taurus Moon is in the 9th house – so moon dasha or around 23-24 years there can be a relationship. It is difficult to comment without knowing the whole chart.. .

Mercury venus conjunction in 12th house for libra ascendant

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12th house Psyche and Chiron conjunct in Scorpio 5th house North Node (rx) in Taurus sextile Lilith Sun, Moon, and 9th house Saturn in Leo dissociatively square Ascendant; Mercury directly square Ascendant Sun conjunct Saturn Moon opposite Mercury Venus square 10th house Neptune in Libra 8th house Ceres in Cancer conjunct Venus; trine Chiron Heavy Neptunian. Venus Conjunct your Ascendant indicates a gentle and sensitive emotional nature. A born romantic, you will marry out of pure love – without desires for money or prestige tainting it. However, a strong partner is needed to give you emotional stability and security. You are always willing to compromise when necessary, but necessary usually. Sun and Mercury both are present in the eleventh house with Sun in its exalted sign Libra Capricorn ascendant 10H with Libra having 4 planets: Sun at 10° – Saturn at 2°41′ – Venus at 8˚09′- Jupiter at 23˚34′ The distinction among the two is around 6 minutes 31 Jan 2021 11:25 Mercury: the lord of 9th and 12th houses, mercury gives.

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