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16 fun facts about redheads

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There is a common perception that redheads could become extinct in 100 years. However, a National Geographic article states that while redheads may decline, barring a. There are also some interesting medical facts about redheads indicating that they tend to be left-handed and less sensitive to absorption of vitamin D. Interestingly, a 2013 British Journal of. In Kyle's attempt to prove Cartman wrong, he decides to do a presentation countering Cartman's facts, arguing that being a "ginger kid" is an inheritable trait. To prove this, Kyle and Stan Marsh visit a family who have redhead children. To their shock, the non-Ginger parents of the Ginger kids, who each carry a recessive gene that has caused ....

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To help everyone celebrate, here are 16 fun facts about redheads and National Love Your Red Hair Day: National Love Your Red Hair Day was founded by Stephanie and Adrienne. A 2016 study found having red hair increased a person's cancer risk as much as an extra 21 years of exposure to the sun. Redheads have less hair and thicker strands than most people. On average. glasses.com: $129 or £80.60. Blue or purple frames add bold colours to a ginger’s naturally pale complexion. Blue really pops against the red in our hair, and purple brings out your inner Little Mermaid aesthetic in the subtlest way. Coastal.com: $78 or £48.73. Make people stop and stare at your bold choice with frames like these.

16 fun facts about redheads

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People with black hair tend to have about 110,000 follicles, while those with brown hair are right on target with 100,000 follicles. Redheads have the least dense hair, averaging about 86,000 follicles. 14: Nail Growth Jeffrey Hamilton/Stockbyte/ Getty Images If you're cli­pping your fingernails more often than your toenails, that's only natural.

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